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¿What is innovation for Alianza Team®?


Innovation is a feature that has a transversal impact on our four strategic pillars; shareholders, our team, sustainability as well as customers, consumers and suppliers. Taking the aforementioned into account, we define innovation as follows:


The development of solutions generating high impact performance  and value chain differentiation in order to grow and produce a profitable business.


Where our solutions and brands make a difference and establish entry barriers 


Our mission to become an innovative company



To make innovation a DNA based component within all our team, we pursue to develop a behavior based pattern in the following four categories:

Organizational Framework

Organizational conditions emphasizing that innovation is an ongoing task.

Innovative Leadership

The company leaders’ ability to uphold an environment that nurtures the ability to innovate

Teamwork potential

Facts that reveal the probability of innovating people´s potential.

Organizational Dynamics

Interactions between a group of people and organizational conditions that match the ability to innovate

¿How did we promote innovation?


We have a robust ecosystem that leads us to be at the forefront of our industry, not only locally but globally.

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Innovation awards

In 2020, we ranked number 21 in this same study. Company adaptation to the current global pandemic situation was among the issues to be evaluated in this study,

More information on the following link

We ranked top 30 of the ANDI (National Association of Colombian Businesses) and the Dinero magazine innovation ranking – 2019,

More information on the following link:

We were recognized for having a great innovation based culture –  2019

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