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¿What is sustainability for Alianza Team®?

As one of the four topics that matter to us, we recognize sustainability as a comprehensive and strategic management of opportunities and risks which lead us to meet our short, medium and long term objectives, meeting the expectations of our stakeholders and leave a positive impact wherever we are. It is our understanding that meeting the legal requirements is only the minimum expected; we are fully convinced that with courage and passion we shall go beyond the minimum required standards and deliver the very best of ourselves, strengthening the confidence with our stakeholders

En cada uno de los negocios buscamos crear valor con los grupos de interés y visibilizarlo y esto lo logramos:

Being the No. 1 option of our clients and consumers due to our product quality, innovation and excellence

By supplying our operations with the very best raw materials and supplies available, working hand in hand with suppliers and developing long-term alliances to grow along with them

By attracting, selecting, developing and retaining the best human talent to become a great place to work.

By contributing to the development of the communities surrounding our operation centers.

By managing the natural resources in a responsible manner, we constantly look for ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

By exceeding proposed objectives and market expectations in order to obtain long term profitable growth, making us the best investment.

The four focus groups and relationship purposes

We look for partners for the development of all our focus groups by means of open relationships based on respect, trust and coherence within our principles and values. We set the following objectives within our relationship framework.

  • Solve the unresolved needs of our customers, and provide products that meet the food and nutrition needs of our consumers through innovation, quality, support and trust.
  • Be an excellent financial and reputational investment, ensuring corporate sustainability and a positive impact on society.
  • Be the best place to work, guaranteeing a healthy, safe and productive environment for professional and personal growth.
  • Ensure fair and open negotiations, relationships, promoting a vision of growing together. 
  • Support initiatives and programs aligned with our social investment strategy, contributing to social development.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the world of food and society through our expertise and participation in order to generate mutual benefits.
  • To be an ally for the development of Colombia by meeting our obligations in a responsible manner.
  • Ensure long  lasting relationships based on transparency, trust and respect, in order to strengthen corporate reputation.
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¿How do we work on sustainability in Alianza Team?

We are aware that being a multi-latinamerican company with manufacturing presence in three Latin American countries and brand presence with exports in eleven more countries in the region, it is necessary to align our sustainability approach within the global development agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


We contribute directly with 22 of the 169 specific goals through 9 of the 17 SDGs:

Understand our 9 ODS

3. Good health and Well-being:

  • From our deep scientific knowledge in lipids and our highly qualified research and development team, we design and develop products and services with concrete contributions and tangible benefits for our customers and consumers.
  • Development of technological tools and lipid applications with proven benefits.
  • Substitution of artificial ingredients with natural ingredients.
  • We are promoters of responsible lifestyles and consumption habits, messages that we continually reinforce in our different internal and external channels.

5. Gender Equality:

  • We ensure full participation and access to opportunities for all candidates, employees and allies, guaranteeing the strictest compliance with our principles of non-discrimination. We were recognized as one of the best companies to work for women in 2019 by Great Place to Work, ranking 22nd among the 30 outstanding companies in Colombia.

6. Clean water and sanitation:

  • Our water treatment plants are fundamental to life! Our wastewater tanks must pass strict quality controls. The Diverse species of flora and fauna that reside in the tanks are a signs that the conditions of the wastewater disposals meet our standards.
  • We count with programs for the use and saving of water resources in our production processes, contributing to its strategic use.
  • Our program ¨Manos Verdes¨ pursues to guarantee appropriate disposal of used cooking oil by closing the cycle in a rightful manner. We avoid the possible contamination of 1000 liters of water for each liter of incorrectly disposed oil. This way we contribute to the protection of water sources and our ecosystems.

8. Decent work and economic growth:

  • Our plants count with state-of-the-arts technology, highlighting our refinery in Chile, which is our most modern plant.
  • Alianza Team strongly believes that innovation is our engine to transversal growth. This is the reason that our work culture has been certified by ¨Great Culture to Innovate¨ and recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Colombia by the Dinero Magazine and ANDI (National Association of Businesses).
  • The health and safety of our team people is a strategic priority. We therefore implement procedures, programs and strategies by encouraging a culture of self-care and safe behavior.
  • We have equal rights and equal salaries between men and women. This is reinforced by means of our principles of parity through competitive and equal pay for work of equal value.

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure:

  • Research and innovative development in our processes, products and services is a fundamental pillar of our business strategy, based on scientific consensus and cutting-edge technology. Because of our highly specialized human resources team, we have, today, 15 patent families, 26 patents granted and 34 more in the pipeline.
  • We promote inclusion and active participation of small suppliers within the supply chain of agricultural raw materials, contributing to the development of minor local economies based on sustainable production practices.
  • Guaranteeing the quality, safety and prevention of contamination within our supply chain is our priority. We have therefore established different control mechanisms and certifications with the purpose of validating our processes, such as ISO 28000 and authorization of the Colombian Tax Authorities to function as an Authorized Economic Operator.

12. Responsable consumption and production:

  • Our commitment is to avoid waste of food. We therefore not only monitor our own processes in order to reduce waste of food and optimize product inventories, we are also associated member company of the Association of Food Banks of Colombia (ABACO).
  • We encourage a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility by means of our Green Team, which is based on a group of volunteers committed to providing good workplace and home practices, focused on the principles of reduction, recycling and reuse.
  • We were forerunners in 2015 by introducing Manos Verdes (Green Hands). This program closes the cycle of used cooking oil by transforming it into biofuel, thus generating added value for customers, consumers and other stakeholders.

13. Climate action:

  • We work hard to reinforce our actions in order to adjust and mitigate risks related to climate change of our operations and throughout our supply chain, by incorporating specific elements in our operating guidelines, processes and standards.

15. Life on land:

  • We promote care and preservation of earthbound ecosystems, such as planting trees, cleaning beaches and recovering different bodies of water, among others, by means of different activities outlined within our Social Investment Strategy.
  • We are participants of the Zero Deforestation Voluntary Agreement of the Colombian palm chain. We have extended this commitment to all our supply chains in order to guarantee that it is 100% protected and deforestation free by 2030.

17: Partnerships for the goals:

  • We believe that together we are stronger. We work hand in hand with experts in different areas in order to accelerate and multiply our impact by developing strong and beneficial alliances, for the purpose of achieving our mutual objectives.
  • We export to eleven different countries through our International Business Unit, from the United States to Argentina, expanding our participation in the regional market.

¿Where do we focus in order to generate value?

Understanding the needs and expectations of our stakeholders to identify how we can respond to them based on the strategic objectives of the company and the businesses is what makes the backbone of our corporate sustainability strategy. As a result of this analysis we have focused our efforts on 8 priority issues out of the 28 identified issues:

Nuestros Clientes,

Consumidores & Proveedores

  • Capacidades en I&D+i
  • Trazabilidad
  • Cumplimiento ESG proveedores
  • Calidad y BPM (Seguridad alimentaria)
  • Portafolio saludable
  • Satisfacción de clientes y consumidores
  • Canales para PQR’s
  • Comunicación y mercadeo responsable
  • Desarrollo de proveedores

Nuestra Gente

  • Seguridad y salud en el trabajo
  • Atracción, selección y retención
  • Desarrollo integral del talento
  • Cultura, valores, inclusión, bienestar y condiciones laborales

La Sostenibilidad

  • Posconsumo; cierre de ciclo
  • Empaques
  • Eco-eficiencia operacional
  • Energías limpias
  • Cultura ambiental
  • Transporte (flota diferenciada y moderna)
  • Logística eficiente
  • Alianzas para el desarrollo del entorno
  • Estrategia de inversión social

Nuestros Accionistas

  • Riesgos, DDHH y cumplimiento
  • Crecimiento rentable
  • Integridad corporativa
  • Estructura de gobierno corporativo
  • Presencia y posicionamiento
  • Transformación digital (automatización de procesos)

¿What is our Social Investment Strategy?

By means of environmental and / or social impact projects as well as corporate volunteering and donations, we promote local development, encouraging awareness and social commitment with our partners and allies in order to contribute to ongoing initiatives of others and develop a better tomorrow for future generations.



We work on two fronts in order to leverage our capabilities:

Nutrition, health and welfare:

  • Encouraging healthy and safe habits and life styles.
  • Contributing to the nutritional development of the country

The environment:

  • Protection and responsible use of the natural resources
  • Reuse and appropriate disposal of waste

¿How do we measure our Sustainable Management performance?

We are fully aware of the constant changes in our environment, and in view of the commitment to work in order to leave a better planet for the following generations considering today’s global needs and issues, we chose the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as our tool for evaluating corporate performance before the current activities of the global food industry.


By being evaluated in more than 30 different topics in three dimensions of sustainability – the economic, the environmental and the social aspects, and considering the most recent trends and activities in order to be compared with the best practices in the industry, we obtain key information in order to identify our strengths and opportunities.


With the commitment of the whole team and the permanent support of the highest governing bodies of the company, we firmly believe that we have the necessary inputs to become considered one of the most sustainable companies in the global food industry by 2030, according to said index.

¿How we report progress?

We are accountable for actions in order to comply with the declarations in the annual Sustainable Management Report, which gathers achievements, opportunities and challenges of the four areas that matter to us as a company; promoting organizational openness  and firm short, medium and long term goals with a comprehensive corporate outlook.


The Report is set up in accordance with the GRI Standard under the essential option, a methodology recognized as a guide to ensure content quality in terms of balance, precision, clarity and reliability. Additionally, it provides independent third party verification for greater transparency.

Sustainable Management Report 2020

Sustainable Management Report 2019

Historical Annual Reports: