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President’s Message

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Alianza Team is a supremely young company, which has the whole future ahead of it, and depends on us maintaining strategic coherence and focus on the four things that matter to us: our people, our clients, consumers and suppliers, sustainability and our shareholders. We have to be very responsible with the world we are leaving to our children, grandchildren and the generations to come. If we are disciplined about this, we will be successful in the future.

Luis Alberto Botero

President & CEO Alianza Team


2019 was a year of great achievements for Alianza Team, not only because we maintained the commitment to guarantee the sustainable management of our business, but also because we celebrated 20 years since the signing of this great alliance in which the six largest lipid and fat companies in the country joined together, giving life to this Colombian multi-latina that has become a leader in the sector. Thanks to our origin, we have added the trajectory and experience of more than 70 years of our allies. I can proudly say that our organization has stood out for operating under the highest quality standards and the best business practices, always thinking about achieving our purpose of nourishing a better tomorrow.


From different fronts, we have made sustainability one of our corporate flags. One of our most important programs is Manos Verdes, through which we collect used cooking oil (UCO) and guarantee its correct disposal by closing the product cycle, to provide a solution to one of the problems that affect the establishments in the HORECA sector. We are currently working on taking this initiative to the end consumer and generating an ever greater impact. This program, in addition to avoiding the contamination of millions of liters of water, has earned us recognition as an Inspiring Company by the ANDI and the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce’s Award for Shared Value, achievements of which all those who make the initiative possible and have decided to join it are part.


Likewise, our business process and value focused on the development of new products and channels, such as the launches of special Dagusto Puff Pastry, the superior Dagusto creams in their new presentations; the thin dough pizzas, the gluten-free cheese bread and improvements in the dough and fillings of the 18 presentations of the empanadas developed by BredenMaster Chile; the La Cleta margarines in Puebla, Mexico, and the advances of Puroil, Country Ranch and Gota de Oro Girasol in the oil business in Colombia. Additionally, innovation and the objective of nourishing a better tomorrow have focused us on maintaining distribution channels and adapting them to new consumption dynamics derived from current digitalization. Thus, as our products are already available on platforms such as Frubana, Merqueo and Chiper, we will continue to expand these distribution channels in accordance with the needs of our clients and consumers.


All these processes and innovative initiatives have driven us to work, not only externally but internally, recognizing the achievements of the most valuable ideas and proactive teams. From this, Team Recognizes, distinguishes the great ideas implemented by our  different teams in all our operations. We thank the 218 participants and the application of 81 projects that reflect that the Team People goes beyond their work, the result of these initiatives has made us worthy of important recognition by entities such as Great Culture to Innovate, as one of the most innovative companies and work cultures in the country.


Everything I have mentioned above demonstrates the experience and track record of Alianza Team. However, it is an important challenge for the following years, since it involves surpassing ourselves and maintaining the strategic coherence that has allowed us to focus on what matters most to us: our clients, consumers and suppliers, our people, sustainability and our shareholders. We are aware of the responsibility we have both for the production of innovative, high-quality solutions and for the world we will leave to future generations. Therefore, living the values that characterize us as Alianza Team People, being transparent, agile, safe and reliable, we will continue to demonstrate that we are the best allies for development, positively impacting our environment in the economic, environmental and social dimensions.

Luis Alberto Botero

President & CEO Alianza Team


Manos Verdes reconocido como iniciativa Inspiradora por la ANDI y Premio CCB al Valor Compartido.

GPTW puesto 6, destacando el orgullo que siente nuestra gente de trabajar en Alianza Team.

Excelentes resultados en un entorno desfavorable para la industria.


Dagusto® Hojaldre especial; Cremas superiores Dagusto® en sus nuevas presentaciones con un empaque que facilita su uso y almacenamiento (otros atributos); Pizzas de masa delgada sabores napolitana, pepperoni, mozzarella y margarita de BredenMaster en Chile, perfectos para cualquier ocasión; Pan de queso BM; soluciones para coberturas y mejorar la vida útil de los productos de nuestros clientes en Alianza Team Chile; Pasteles de jamón y tres quesos, gloria BM Col; margarinas La Cleta® en Puebla México. Puroil, Country Ranch y Gota de Oro Girasol en el negocio de marcas de canal en Colombia, ofreciendo soluciones para los diferentes canales y preparaciones de nuestros consumidores.

Nuevos canales:

Productos de marcas de canal en digital: Frubana, Merqueo y Chiper.

Alianza Team – Together for greater performance

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Our history

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How we work

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In Alianza Team we have been consolidating our culture for twenty years based on the principles and values that describe what we are: agile and innovative, safe, reliable, transparent, optimistic and enterprising. We are allies to make a difference. It is through these behaviors that we reinforce our corporate purpose of nourishing a better tomorrow

Our culture

We published our Principles for nourishing a better tomorrow, a document with which we seek to provide more information and clarity to all our stakeholders about how we work and what our guiding principles are in each of the key aspects of our operation.


From a risk management perspective, aware of our responsibility as an organization and as members of the communities in which we operate, we understand sustainability management as the identification of opportunities and risks based on the needs and expectations of the different stakeholders. From the mandate we received from the Board of Directors, where sustainability is one of the four priorities for the organization and what underpins its raison d’être, we reaffirm our commitment to the identification, action and accountability for the care of our environment throughout our value chain. Although the main risks at a global level are all environmental, we work equally on the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Below are our top twenty risks classified in their four categories. These risks are presented without taking into account control activities currently implemented, and are therefore inherent to the organization.

Alianza Team
Top 20 inherent risks in terms of criticality

Market price fluctuations

Natural disasters

Explosion / Fire

Business interruption

Exceeding operational installed capacity

Legal requirements for facility operation

Food and environment related regulatory changes

New market entrants

Labor accidents

Failure adapting to digital environment (Digital transformation)

Personnel strike

Cyber – attacks and information hacking

Inventory contamination

Public risk

Raw material shortages

Changes in customer and client preferences

Talent flight and knowledge transfer

Inadequate facility maintenance

Lack of legal and contractual guarantees with third parties

Reputational impact on corporate and business brands

Organizational Changes

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We updated our corporate brand, so the new logo of Alianza Team seeks to reflect that synergy and order, the result of teamwork and values that have characterized us in these twenty years, allowing us to consolidate as leaders in the market. Although we changed the image and the brand, our corporate purpose of nourishing a better tomorrow and the three strategic groups from which we serve the different segments and categories of the market remain the same.

We comprehensively updated the materiality of the organization, validating the existing sustainability strategy from 2014, identifying 28 material issues that will form the basis of corporate sustainability management over the next few years, eight of which were prioritized for their impact and criticality. The different issues are detailed below, grouped under the four things that matter to us in Alianza Team.

Our Clients,

Customers & Suppliers

  • R&D+i capabilities
  • Traceability
  • ESG supplier compliance
  • Quality and Food safety
  • Healthy portfolio
  • Client and customer satisfaction
  • Grievance mechanisms
  • Responsible communication and
  •  Supplier development

Our People

  • Occupations health and safety
  • Attraction, selection and retention
  • Comprehensive talent development
  • Culture, values, inclusion, wellbeing
    and labor conditions


  • Post consumption; lifecycle management
  • Packaging
  • Operational eco-efficiency
  • Clean energy
  • Environmental culture
  • Transportation (modern and differentiated
  • Efficient logistics
  • Alliances for development
  • Social investment strategy

Our Shareholders

  • Risks, HHRR and compliance
  • Profitable growth
  • Corporate integrity
  • Corporate governance
  • Brand presence and positioning
  • Digital transformation (process automatization)


It began with an external referencing of the context of the countries and businesses where we operate, followed by an internal referencing to understand the competitive strategy of each business and corporate of the organization. Then, through face-to-face workshops, interviews, and surveys, the respective stakeholder consultations were carried out. More than 300 people participated in 24 workshops in three countries, 60 interviews and 240 surveys were answered. With the final result of the exercise, four months later, we began to identify actions on each of these fronts to strengthen the sustainable performance of the organization, adding value not only to shareholders, but to all stakeholders in a comprehensive manner. It is worth noting that this exercise was carried out by an independent third party to guarantee all those
consulted the greatest objectivity, transparency and confidentiality in their responses.