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Bogotá Facility work group

Having the best talent is one of the priorities for Alianza Team since it is one of our most outstanding and valued attributes in the market. We are proud of our collaborators, who go beyond the execution of their responsibilities day by day to leave their mark and contribute to nourishing a better tomorrow. Throughout these twenty years, we have accompanied in its growth and development hundreds of collaborators who have forged what is today Alianza Team, an organization that leads, transforms and strengthens its environment from an integral, transparent and responsible operation.

Juan Garza
Alianza Team México Retiree

Audio Testimony

Juan Garza – Alianza Team México Retiree

Audio Testimony

Selection and recruitment

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Juan Manuel Solórzano
Talent Development VP Alianza Team

Within the priority of care and generating wellbeing for our people, attracting, selecting, and hiring people is undoubtedly a fundamental step. From our participation in different search scenarios and the recruitment strategy, we make sure to carefully select each aspect, seeking that candidates not only have the necessary skills of knowledge and doing, but mainly, have the skills of being that characterizes the Alianza Team People, guided by transparent principles and values and committed to go beyond to leave a better tomorrow for future generations.


From the first moment, all legal, contractual and documentary formalities are ensured, maintaining effective communication channels and always framing the relationship in good treatment and mutual respect.


Of the more than 600 vacancies generated in 2019, 32.44% were filled by internal talent. It is important to highlight, however, that in terms of new and existing positions, due to the challenges of the market, the reconfiguration of the business and internal needs, an important part of these vacancies were completely new to the organization and were therefore covered by external talent. In Colombia, through the Soy Talento platform, the total number of vacancies are published internally.

Development, training and succession

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One of our priorities is and will be the well-being and development of our employees and their families. For this reason, during 2019 in Alianza Team, we carry out training programs for entrepreneurship, and we accompany their growth with a structured development program and training actions focused on strengthening the skills and knowledge of our employees, thus empowering each member of our work teams.


We deepen the impact of training from the definition of plans focused on target groups according to the identified needs of the organization and at the level of the employees, supporting the different areas through the following initiatives in the three countries.

Jorge Serrano
Occupational Health and Safety Assistant

Alianza Team has allowed me to grow, they gave me the opportunity to finish my last year of high school and then they supported me to study my university career in safety and health at work. They believed in me and that is why I went from being an operator to an occupational health assistant. In this company, dreams come true.

Jorge Serrano

Occupational Health and Safety Assistant

María Angélica Parra
International Business Manager Team Foods

I carry Alianza Team in my heart because it bets on the growth of people and they definitely believe in young talent. A company that promotes talent, develops it and accompanies it.

María Angélica Parra

International Business Manager Team Foods

We encourage constant, direct and timely conversations about performance and feedback for development, with a declared agenda towards the organization in which we make evident and express, our interest in people, The Alianza Team Talent Agenda.


We start the cycle of performance and development with the phase of balance and planning, where we take into account the results and capitalize the learning of the previous period, and from a multidimensional evaluation, we accompany the personal and professional evolution that the challenges posed enhanced, from the possibility that allows our employees to acquire new skills, competencies and/or knowledge. The new challenges are then defined, aligning them with the business goals and the personal development process of our collaborators, which are recorded in the Individual Development Plan, based on the 70:20:10 methodology (70% Assignments, 20% Mentors, 10% Training).

Reinforcing this orientation in accompanying the growth of people, six months into the new period, we move on to the follow-up phase, where leader and collaborator again accompany each other in the process towards the fulfillment of objectives and growth, with the objective of being in constant demand for superior performance from the maximization of potential. As achievements during 2019, the percentage of target employees who participated in the individual performance evaluations from the management of objectives for the entire Alianza Team was 87%.


Iván Osuna

 Team Solutions Director Colombia

From Talent, in our purpose to ensure that we have the talent we require for the sustainability of the business, we have as a corporate discipline to hold annual talent discussion sessions, where we update the talent pipeline of the organization, for the coverage or succession of key positions for the business.


Thus, during 2019 we identified 104 differentiating talents for 171 key positions, continuing with our objective of ensuring a minimum of two successors per position that will allow us to have the most internal talent for the growth of the organization.


In 2019 we began to develop strategies focused on each business, starting specifically with Team Solutions, and in 2020 we expect to develop strategies focused on the other businesses. Part of the exercise carried out with Team Solutions included a 360 degree performance evaluation of the team, to have a real-time and more objective input on the performance of each collaborator for the construction of their development plans aimed at maximizing their potential and meeting the challenges of the business in 2020. The 360° focuses on the Team Solutions competencies, evaluated by peers, team, leader, leader’s leader and self-evaluation. With the positive experience we had with Team Solutions, we project a greater coverage in 2020 of multidimensional performance evaluations for the other two businesses.

Training Activities:

Talent Agenda:

We developed a support based on training for operations in Mexico, Colombia and Chile where we have a participation of 51% of total employees. The Talent Agenda addresses the processes of performance management, development and feedback sessions.

  1. In the first training session we generated awareness of the importance of Self-Development, where participants received methodology and advice to build their individual development plan. Both administrative and operational participants took part in this first session.
  2. The second session was on Commitment Management, where through the methodology of the 8 of accountability, we guided the administrative collaborators to build their performance objectives for 2019 with the identification of commitments and actions to fulfill them.
  3. The third session focused on transformational conversations, where we taught our teams to develop effective feedback sessions from both sides (leader and collaborator), to accompany them in the sessions they have for mid-year and year-end follow-up.

Development Plans:

In 2019, the implementation of the project to strengthen the Development Plans continued, specifically for the employees of the Operations team (excluding logistics) in Colombia and Mexico, allowing them to develop a clear development path with concrete actions. This project has reached 54% of the total population of Alianza Team. This is how we ensure greater promotion of internal talent, requiring only the hiring of external production assistants, base positions in the plants, and the rest of the positions presented in the pyramid are covered internally. With the clear expectations of what is required to reach the highest manufacturing positions, throughout the year the collaborators participating in the project are in constant technical training and soft skills that accompany their development. These trainings are developed by certified institutions such as SENA, Universidad Javeriana, Locutorio, or internal trainings with experts in each subject. As a result of this program, 63 promotions have already been presented and we hope that the good results will be maintained in the future.

Alianza Team México work group

Plant Compliance Training:

In Colombia, different compliance trainings were carried out for the areas of Quality, Safety and Health at Work, Integrated Management Systems and TPM to reinforce the importance of compliance with our standards in the operation to ensure the quality and timeliness of our services and solutions. They were attended by 774 people in different areas such as TPM, FSSC22000, Safety and Health at Work, and RSPO.

Leadership Training at All Levels:

In Colombia, 112 employees received training in different leadership courses, for example: Origin Leadership Program, Team Leader, Virtual Leadership Course, Diploma in Leadership, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, among others, strengthening the soft skills of our leaders, obtaining tangible benefits in the consolidation of high performance teams and favoring the achievement of the proposed objectives.

Training in Marketing and Digital Transformation, Negotiation and Sales:

Specifically designed for sales and marketing teams, they were trained in relevant issues of the digital world, marketing and negotiation, with the aim of providing them with more tools and insights for the development of their role. Examples of some initiatives are: E-Commerce, Digital Soup, Relationship Strategies in Social Networks, digital marketing, neurosales, brand reputation in the digital world, negotiation workshop, negotiation webinar.

We are an example:

By the end of 2019, we had achieved 90% compliance in the certification of 15 of our corporate policies (Alcohol and Substance Use, Anti-Fraud, Conflict of Interest, Third Party Due Diligence and Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, Business Ethics, Travel Expenses, Sustainability Management, Risk Management, Integrated Management, Team Conduct Manual, Personal Data Recertification, Sagrlaft Recertification, IT Security and Vacation), covering the main guidelines of the guiding principles contained within the Policy Guidelines for Nourishing a Better Tomorrow. Through this virtual training platform, we ensure not only the constant dissemination of relevant updates to these guidelines at all levels, but also the knowledge and understanding of their importance to the organization by having a mandatory quiz at the end of the reading of these policies.

Alianza Team Chile work group

Virtual Classroom

We continue to use GetAbstract’s My Mentor virtual classroom in order to accompany the processes of transmission, management and updating of our knowledge in Alianza Team. By 2019, we will assign 1,354 administrative and operational collaborators to the 4 operations, courses with digital content and recordings of the classroom sessions, of the 3 workshops of the Talent Agenda: Self-Development, Commitment Management and Transformative Conversations.

Additionally, we have 1,347 registered users in GetAbstract, with 49,408 book summaries in the year available to employees and families. The main topics of interest are economics and politics, leadership and management, and professional development, where the Operations area is the most active with 81% of downloads. The most consulted books during the year were “The introverted leader”, “Extraordinary influence” and “Find your why”, reflecting how this tool is a support for the professional and personal development of our collaborators.

Training programs in Mexico

Hernando Vergara
Director General Alianza Team México

Making sure we provide the necessary support and tools to our collaborators for their professional and personal development, Alianza Team Mexico has four programs to cover different moments of training, positively impacting the development of the country, community, and our collaborators:


    • Since 2012, through the seed program, professional internship opportunities are offered to students from several universities in Michoacán, opening a total of 46 vacancies for students in the last semester in 2019.
    • In 2019 we joined the programs Bécate and Jóvenes Construyendo Futuro with the support of the Mexican Government and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS in spanish), where we train external personnel in three-month and one-year cycles respectively, and then link them directly to the company. In 2019, we will have 100% of the participants of Bécate and two of the seven participants of Jóvenes Construyendo Futuro, who will finish their cycle in April 2020.
    • Finally, with the support of the Ministry of Public Education and to provide continuing education support, we graduated the first class of employees from the Prepa Online (online high school) program.


      • Julieta Jaime Moctezuma / Administrative Assistant
      • José Manuel Martínez / Messenger
      • Mariana García / Administration Sales Analyst
      • Rubén Cortés / Physical Refinery Technician
      • Rodrigo Nava / Physical Refinery Technician
      • Jesús Monzón / Formulator
      • Juan Ignacio Andrade / Formulator


Congratulations to all the participants and those who have successfully completed their training cycle. You can count on the organization to continue your integral development!

Culture, environment and labor relations

[401-1; 405-2; T9]

Guadalupe Bernal
Talent Manager Alianza Team Mexico

An excellent work environment, that is not only safe and productive but also generates well-being at a personal and professional level is what we seek to guarantee for our people since we are aware that goals and the achievement of objectives are reached by working together. We promote formal and informal conversation spaces from the leaders with their teams to enhance trust and commitment and maintain an assertive and twoway communication, complementing the training actions in leadership skills. We generate spaces and free time for our collaborators in order to contribute to their life balance and work dynamics. We reinforce the culture of self-care inside and outside work, and involve the family, creating spaces to share and learn new skills. Likewise, we emphasize the importance of each of the functions, activities and processes that are carried out in the organization, and each of the people who perform them with the best will and enthusiasm, since they all play a fundamental role in the excellence that we hope to deliver at all times to our clients and consumers.


As an organization, we provide all the guarantees for the freedom to exercise the corresponding labor and union rights, and we provide spaces for training, conversation and construction so that there is the possibility of identifying, dealing with and resolving situations before they become potential conflicts or avoid them remaining unresolved in time. We implement a cycle of continuous improvement to cover the four stages and maintain positive and constructive relationships where trust and respect are paramount.

Great Place to Work:

GPTW Buga Facility

In 2019 we confirmed that Alianza Team is a great place to work because of the outstanding results obtained in the annual evaluation that the Great Place to Work organization carries out to measure the work environment. With coverage of over 95% of employees – Colombia (97.9%), Mexico (96.2%) and Chile (97.8%) – the results in each of the countries were quite favorable.


  • In Colombia, we were ranked number 6 among similar companies, climbing nine positions compared to 2018 and filling all Alianza Team Colombia employees with enormous satisfaction and pride for this result of the collective effort. The goal proposed for the year was 82.2, and the result was exceeded obtaining an index of 84.2.
  • In Mexico, the overall result increased almost 5 points, exceeding the proposed goal for the year of 79.9 with a result of 83.1. The image of favorability increased 14 points, placing the result of the evaluation at a satisfactory level.
  • In Alianza Team Chile, the result was equally satisfactory, since the evaluation result was increased by more than 11 points compared to the 2018 result, obtaining a work environment index of 69.2. Although the goal proposed for the year was 72.6 and was not reached, we do not ignore the important progress and achievements for these results to the entire team of Alianza Team Chile.
  • BredenMaster, like Alianza Team Chile, presented an advance in its result obtaining the highest score increase of all Alianza Team operations with an increase of more than 18 points over the previous year. The proposed goal for 2019 was 52.7, falling short by only 2 points with a work environment index of 50.2. Congratulations to the BredenMaster team for this important advance.


With specific initiatives and strong action plans from all leaders of the organization to improve the work environment, today we celebrate the results described above, reaffirming that our people are one of the key strategic priorities for the organization and that our commitment to make Alianza Team a great place to work is a reality. As an organization we are proud of our people, and thanks to the results presented in these anonymous evaluations, our people also have a high sense of belonging and pride in the organization. This is the materialization of what we always declare; together we are more.

BredenMaster work group

Jose Vicent
Health and Safety Coordinator Buga Facility

The secret to my 25 years with the company has been my love for my work, my love for what I do, and being happy with the position I hold in the company. This is an excellent company, it is my second home and it has been the best thing that has happened to me, that is why I am happy to work in this excellent company.

Jose Vicent

Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator Buga Facility

Team Avanza: Engaging more with Alianza Team People

Team Advances 2019

One of the organization’s main spaces for formal relationships with employees, this scenario shares the main advances, challenges, achievements and recognitions of the quarter around the four things that matter to us: Our clients, consumers and suppliers, Our people, Sustainability and Our shareholders. It is the communication channel with the greatest impact and satisfaction, evaluated by the collaborators at the end of the year, achieving massive participation and creating a possibility to clarify doubts and expectations and to know the state of the business and operations in other countries. For the first time since its inception, Team Avanza’s May stream was transmitted to all operations, connecting more than 500 people to hear Luis Alberto Botero, President and CEO, speak directly about how we are doing as an organization. These spaces are additionally replicated in all plants and countries, maintaining the standard content and format to ensure uniformity of information and maximize its reception reach.


“The talk contributes to improving employee performance”

March 2019


“It is a space for joint feedback, diagnosis and analysis of processes and results that help to improve more and more”

May 2019


“I am very proud to work for Alianza Team” 

December 2019


As aspects to be improved that are mentioned, there is the possibility that the Team Avanza presented by Luis Alberto Botero directly is not always in Bogota, Colombia, but rotates through all operations, as well as greater depth in strategic issues of interest in the short, medium and long term to better align the common objectives between teams and processes.

Benefits and well – being

[401-2; T8]

Alianza Team Chile work group

Committed to providing our employees with spaces, tools and benefits that generate well-being at work but also in their homes, we maintained our corporate strategy of benefits and well-being divided into four pillars to ensure the integrity of the programs, impacting the physical, social, emotional and financial components of life, complementing their professional and personal development.


Investment in Benefits 2019 (COP):



Emotional health based on the balance between the personal and working life of the employee.


  • Recognition plan.
  • Continuous day 7:30 to 2:00 on Fridays depending on the operation.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Home office (levels 1 and 2).
  • 4 paid half days off per year (Voucher +).
  • Five-year period (level 1 and 2 additional days of vacation; level 3 and up, seniority premium).
  • Birth Gifts.
  • Breastfeeding Program: Additional hour to the law until baby’s 6th month.
  • Accompaniment – Illness – Death.


Performing physical activities, healthy eating so that the employee can maintain an optimal health and physical condition.


  • Prepaid Medicine (for level 1 and 2, payment percentage prepaid medicine or complementary plan).
  • Sports Tournaments (Ping Pong, Bowling, Soccer 6, Chess, Ladder, Parquet).
  • Paintball, Yew, Minitejo, Frog.
  • Participation in Sports Careers.
  • Fishing Day.


It seeks to promote the social participation of the collaborator with the celebration of special dates, cultural and recreational activities


  • Celebration of Halloween.
  • New Year’s Eve Lunch Partners.
  • Film afternoons.
  • Surprise Team Day.
  • Visits by operational personnel to other plants/operations.
  • Celebration of special dates:
    • Beginning of Lent.
    • Women’s Day.
    • Secretary’s Day.
    • Mother’s Day for employees and their families.
    • Children’s Day.
    • Father’s Day.
    • Valentine’s Day (Love & Friendship).


Promotes the well-being that is achieved through the management of its income, seeking a balance between what we need, what we want, what we spend and what we have.


  • According to level, help in postgraduate courses or short courses (except Beneflex staff).
  • Flexible Benefits Program (Beneflex) for positions with category 17 or higher.
  • Entrepreneurship schools for workers’ families.
  • Housing loan.
  • Maternity assistance.
  • Educational assistance to the collaborator.
  • Children’s Educational Assistance.
  • Texts for children.
  • Eyeglass Assistance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Domestic Calamity Loan.
  • Death Assistance and/or Mortuary

Compensation and remuneration


During 2019 we focused on the compensation and remuneration process where we used methodologies that allow us to have comparative parameters that facilitate the analysis and an evaluation of how we stand competitively in the salary market. One of our pillars is to work continuously to be more competitive and equitable, where there is no salary difference between men and women and there is a fair and attractive reward according to the level of contribution. These compensation studies allow us to have an attractive and aggressive compensation system to meet the needs of the organization’s structure.

  • Ratio between salary on entering the organisation and the legal minimum in force in areas of operation: 1.07
  • Percentage of women in total staff: 29.4%
  • Middle management positions held by women: 32.2%
  • Return on investment in human capital: 1


The structure of the organization is handled through the identification of positions in different categories and levels of contribution. The category is a number that identifies the relative weight of the position and demonstrates the responsibilities and freedom of action, as well as knowledge required for proper performance. It is obtained from an external assessment methodology, which assigns points through a formula determined for each of these aspects, with a result between 7 and 23 where the higher the number, the higher the position’s value within the organizational structure. We then group the above categories into six different levels.


These tools and valuation methods help us to take care of internal equity and external competitiveness by being a reference to compare with different positions with the same number of points in the market and within the organization.

Gender equality

Whether the position is occupied by a man or a woman, to remain competitive with market conditions and to take care of our internal equity, we based the compensation policy on salary studies that allow us to evaluate our structures and positions by the points methodology. In this way, salaries are assigned based on the responsibility, contribution, and impact of the position, regardless of the occupant. We declare in various channels and mechanisms our guidelines of zero discrimination on any grounds, including gender. We emphasize that in the last year in Colombia, the participation of women in management positions that generate income increased from 11% to 21%, showing significant progress in this category of participation. With regard to the salary difference, in 2019 women in non-managerial positions had on average a higher salary than men, a situation which, taking into account the bonuses and additional incentives for managerial positions, was equal. We are proud of our work environment and we reaffirm our commitment to promote transparent and inclusive labor practices aimed at providing equal opportunities. Thanks to this, Alianza Team was recognized by Dinero Magazine in Colombia as one of the best companies to work for women, ranking among the thirty companies mentioned.

Occupational health and safety

[T11; T12; T13]

Wilmer Cordero
Bogota Facility Operator

The Safety and Health at Work (SHW) are considered by Alianza Team a fundamental pillar in our sustainability strategy since the various actions implemented are aimed at promoting safe working environments through the identification of hazards, risk assessment and the establishment of controls over those that may generate work accidents, emergencies or diseases, thus promoting the health and welfare of our employees, contractors, visitors, and suppliers. As the only material issue prioritized within the people pillar, the efforts to make Alianza Team’s culture one that promotes self-care and in which the safety and health of our people prevail is evident. We can prevent the occurrence of workplace accidents if we timely identify and eliminate the root causes while reporting unsafe conditions. It is for this reason that we are all responsible for our safety and that of our colleagues.

We measure accident and absenteeism rates, including our indirect and temporary employees and contractors. We are very satisfied as an organization to see the clear downward trend of these indicators, evidencing the positive impact that the various campaigns, activities and actions aimed at taking care of our people have had. We will continue to work on promoting habits and behaviours that reinforce the culture of self-care and safety that we seek in Alianza Team.




Maintenance team Bogota Facility

Different preventive activities are continuously implemented in the seven operating plants of the Alianza Team to promote the expected behaviors and results and to avoid the deterioration of the progress achieved.


We promote these efforts through the implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that rigorously establishes different activities that are enshrined in the work plan of each of the organization’s plants. Among them we can highlight the program of habits and behaviors in OSH, the report of sub-standard or unsafe conditions with their respective follow-up, investigation and closure, five-minute pre-operational talks on health, safety and environmental issues, inductions to contractors, operational review in the different activities carried out in our plants and safety inspections, among others. The corporate habits and behavior program was developed in each plant through adapted strategies, and different campaigns, activities and messages were designed, for example “Safety as a value” (“La seguridad como un valor”), “Get used to it: safety first, my family is waiting for me” (“Habitúate: La seguridad primero, mi familia me espera), or “I protect myself and others” (Me protejo y protejo a los demás).


Through constant inspections of machines, tools, locations, controls and signaling, among others, the ideal conditions for operation are maintained. We updated procedures for high-risk tasks, and leadership efforts were redoubled in operational areas with visits and constant accompaniment by the occupational safety and health team to ensure the use of PPE, and to carry out work controls and follow-up on contractor authorizations, among others. We strengthened the culture of reporting, investigation, documentation and closure to generate lessons recorded in the consolidated action plans, and thus avoid repeating the errors of the past. Induction, reinduction and pre operational five-minute talks are examples of the different activities carried out in order to avoid work-related accidents and affect the integrity of our people.


  • In Mexico, tours are conducted by the CMSH (Joint Commission on Safety and Hygiene) to identify new unsafe conditions to work.
  • In Chile, the maintenance team is actively involved to ensure the correction of unsafe conditions and we have the collaboration of the Chilean Safety Association to comply with the implementation of a Comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Program to prevent the occurrence of occupational accidents and diseases.

Óscar Falla
General Manager Alianza Team Chile

  • In Colombia, the Habitúate program was developed to raise awareness among our employees and their families about the importance of self care.
  • BredenMaster: We work with full conviction that safety and prevention are a fundamental and essential part of every activity, seeking to protect the life and health of all employees, contractors and visitors. Programs were carried out to promote healthy living habits, visual and dental health campaigns and vaccination days, among others.


In the area of health care, different activities and campaigns were developed to promote safe and healthy behaviors, for example, the creation of the emergency brigade, training calendars, and courses in first aid in Chile, or in Colombia with follow-up and health monitoring exams for the prevention of diseases. In Mexico, there is a medical office on the plant premises, which makes it possible to detect and monitor any general or occupational situation in a timely manner. From the insistence on active breaks, the proper use of personal protection equipment, and peer committee sessions, to yoga and ping-pong courses and other activities designed to reduce stress and fatigue at work, our commitment to caring for our people is genuine and will continue to be a strategic priority in the organization.

Challenges 2020-2023:

  1. To ensure that our people can be in a position to release their full potential and level of contribution.
  2. Ensure the succession of critical positions in the organization, especially business, to guarantee knowledge management and profitable growth over time.
  3. Reinforce the Alianza Team culture, maintaining excellent working relationships at all levels and in all operations, making our organization a great place to work.


  1. Reinforce the culture of reporting unsafe conditions, investigation and closure through training, accompaniment and inspections to reduce the frequency and severity of work accidents in all Alianza Team plants.
  2. Implement and certify under ISO 45001 standards the BredenMaster Chile plant and the “5 Golden Rules of the Safe Master” program.
  3. Implement a program specifically designed to promote behaviors, habits and lifestyles that contribute to prevent the main causes of absenteeism.