Press Release from our CEO - alianzateam

Press Release from our CEO

Videos- Our CEO talks about COVID-19

1. Message from Luis Alberto to our staff
2. Thank you message to our sales team
3. Thank you message to our operational team
4. We stay home, abiding by all preventive and precaution measures.
5. We see crisis as an opportunity
6. We are committed to supplying our products to society
7 .Let us stay updated for prevention and self-care purposes.
8. It is time to think differently and to find new and better ways of doing things.
9.We strictly abide by the guidelines and preventive measures.
10.Health and work always go hand in hand.
11. Self-care is now more important than ever
12. Adapting quickly and thinking differently are key features to business continuity
13. Holidays are near, we must keep ourselves protected and  maintain adequate self-care measures
14. We have been successful at working at home
15. Our results are positive despite the global outlook
16. Let’s spend of our own time wisely and respect the time of others, now that we are working from home
17. Today our purpose of providing food products for a better tomorrow is more firm than ever
18. Our CEO invites us to go even further, going the extra mile as we have always done.
19. Our CEO invites us to act with empathy and solidarity among eachother, always. 

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